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Bianca Stawiarski & Dozer

Bianca Stawiarski,
from Empowerment 4 Riders

Bianca Stawiarski, from Empowerment 4 Riders, has over 30 years horse riding experience starting with the usual pony club route. In 2011, she diversified her equestrian interests and became involved in equestrian vaulting. In 2013, Bianca discovered horse archery loving every minute of it! She represented Australia in USA Horse Archery competitions in 2014 (Texas) and 2015 (Texas and Pennsylvania). She also has Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) and Equestrian Australia (EA) Official accreditations and is currently an International Horse Archery medallist.

Bianca has qualifications as a Professional Transformational Coach; Horse Archery Instructor (USA) – Level 2; NCAS Equestrian Australia Vaulting (Intro) Coach and a Horse Riding Confidence Building Coach.  She uses a combination of proven psychological techniques and strategies to assist people get back into the saddle after significant trauma (physical or psychological). Techniques utilised include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Solution-Focused approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Narrative Coaching.

Bianca is currently upgrading her skills with studying a Master in Counselling Practice and a Diploma in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Bianca draws additional strength from her strong Badimaya (Aboriginal) and Ukrainian heritages and her sense of community. Empowerment 4 Riders is an Indigenous identified business through Supply Nation and fully covered by insurance. Based in Lower Hermitage (in the Adelaide Hills), Bianca is passionate about assisting people to move outside of the arena, build resilience through reducing anxiety and enjoy all the fantastic things that horses can bring us.

What People Say
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Can’t thank you enough for what you did yesterday. I felt confident and safe while having an absolute blast at the same time. Walked away with a huge sense of achievement. Looking forward to next time. Absolutely recommend this to anyone with confidence issues.

– Khleanne Kent

Thank you so much Bianca, for your help with overcoming my nerves as a returning rider after so many years out of the saddle! For your patience and encouragement – and the opportunity to ride your beautiful boy Dozer. It felt so great to be out on the trail again, I was really nervous but you made it so easy- I was cantering in no time! Really looking forward to doing it again very soon – and translating my newly found confidence by getting astride my beautiful little mare. Thank you again!

– Dr Marlene Wiese

Huge thank you to Bianca Stawiarski for such a fun informative Horse Archery rally at our pony club today~ Lots of fun! I highly recommend Bianca as an instructor to other individuals and clubs/groups wanting to try horse archery. Her professionalism and attention to safety as well as her ability to adjust to the ability of different horses and riders was outstanding – Thanks Bianca!

– Rebecca Jeyaseelan

Big thankyou to Bianca for being a wonderful instructor today at my pony club teaching horse archery to young children who are still allowing their knowledge and confidence in horses grow! Bianca did a wonderful job encouraging and helping the children peruse the task set to help them reach their full potential! Highly recommended instructor/mentor to absolutely all riding types! Keep up the good work! Loved having you and hope you’ll come again sometime soon! Xxx

– Maddy Thompson

Just want you to know what amazing work you did with our daughter at the Pony Club Archery Rally today. She loves riding but her confidence is low and easily shaken. We honestly expected her to not go through with today’s rally – that’s often the outcome when she feels overwhelmed by new people and challenges. But your kind and positive guidance had her not only participating but being genuinely engaged, truly enjoying herself and gaining faith in her own abilities. Nothing gives us more joy than to see that – thank you for bringing your great skills and greater heart to Pony Club today.

– Rachel Crees

Bianca’s approach to her horses and archery is no different than her lust for life and gregarious, warm nature. She not only inspires but she nurtures – the individual, the sport, the ethos and processes. This is not your ordinary lesson in ANYTHING – because as surely as you walk in expecting one thing, you’ll leave feeling a host of other gifts which she freely bestows.
An hour with Bianca will change your life and perspective. Look out, her happiness and inner strength is infectious!– Rachel

Bianca is a fun loving, full of energy, confident person. If you are struggling with confidence with your horse or just would like support with your riding Bianca is a great help.

– Mary Wauchope

Bianca is an absolute rock star with getting people confident and learning to have fun with their horses! I may not be a nervous rider, but her help with the horseback archery has been amazing. Love having her support with my journey, and Dozer is such a dude to ride, not a care in the world! Get on it people, get out there and ride!!!– Samantha Donnellan

I can’t thank Bianca and Empowerment 4 Riders enough for helping me to overcome my fears. Thanks to Bianca’s support and encouragement I’ve achieved far more than I ever imagined (cantering, archery at canter, riding out on the roads). Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

– Dr Candice Oster

Do you have a dream – a goal that you hold close to your heart ? My dream was to train my young horse in Horseback Archery – not for the faint hearted and one of the fastest growing horse sports in Australia.
Well – I could not have achieved this dream without the support and help of Bianca at our Horseback Archery training days. From understanding the horse’s needs, to understanding the rider’s needs, Bianca provides the confidence and belief in yourself that you can achieve your goal. Bianca’s optimism is “catching “ and she is incredibly generous of her time and sharing her personal strength with others.
Bianca has also been very inspiring in my own horseback archery journey and I thank her so much for my success with my young horse and in achieving my
own goals and dreams. So that dream you have, that one that you don’t think you can achieve on
your own – you can with Bianca – she will definitely find your inner amazon!– Wen Evans