Athlete Performance Blockers

Over the last few months or so, I have been pondering athlete performance blockages. I’m sure most people have a story of a technically-skilled athlete that wasn’t achieving “success” in relation to performance.  There can be a multitude of reasons, all of which are unique to the individual. Firstly, it may be useful to consider…
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Why a collaborative Coaching approach is so important for Athlete development

Whitmore quotes Gallwey about the essence of coaching; “coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance” (Whitmore, 2015, pg. 10).  Whitmore goes further to say, “Coaching is therefore the essential management style or tool for optimizing people’s potential and performance. Commanding, demanding, instructing, and persuading with threats, overt or covert, cannot produce sustainable…
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Comfort Zones: What are they and how can we use them?

  What is a Comfort Zone? Why is it so important to understand the boundaries of our own individual comfort zones? Take a really good look at the diagram of a comfort zone.  The green represents our actual comfort zone.  This is where anything that occurs within this sphere doesn't create anxiety as we are…
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