Do I have to Ride?

Hello everyone, Since late 2016, I have been reflecting on the issue of people who own horses but don’t want to ride.  This can be a fear based anxiety in that they are scared to ride, that they are physically unable to or can be that they simply enjoy the companionship that they have with…
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Strategy to combat Anxiety: Time

Hi everyone, Hoping that your riding is going great now that the cooler weather is with us (a little bit of drizzle doesn’t stop anyone ?).  This week, I wanted to discuss an important strategy to combat horse riding anxiety.  It also happens to be the EASIEST to implement!  I’m talking about allowing sufficient preparation…
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Team Building – Why Bother?

[caption id="attachment_2390" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Celebrating achievements in the team[/caption] Hey there! I've spent three days a week ago volunteering at an international horse event as part of a Stewarding team.  This of course has had me reflecting on the topic of team building.  Is it a case of why bother, or is it something important?  What do…
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