Smashing Personal Goals – Returning to Rider Confidence

This week I am celebrating an amazing win of one of my clients, Helen.  You would know her through a couple of videos I have done, however more recently through this video about reintroducing the canter.  It had been years since Helen had cantered, which is what makes her achievement even more wonderful.  That I…
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Confidence Building – Strengthening Your Partnership with your horse

Firstly, I just wanted to let you know about an exciting clinic that I am co-hosting with Nicki Stuart on the 8 April 2017 in Kersbrook, South Australia.  Its focus is on Empowering your Self-Talk combined with training of your horse.  Pop over into my Events tab for further information or register for the event on…
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Confidence Building for horse riders

As I reflect on the previous week, I wanted to share with you some insight about Confidence Building for horse riders. Firstly if this resonates, I would like to genuinely reassure that you are not alone in feeling less confident when riding your horse. A quick social media search easily finds many pages dedicated to…
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