Confidence Building Transformational Coaching

Build Your Confidence and Enjoy Riding Again

Cantering or even just walking through the countryside or across a beach at sunset is one of the pinnacles for most riders. Unfortunately for many people this is so far from their reality. Sometimes it can be scary or daunting to even just put your foot in the stirrup and climb back onto the horse, especially if you’ve been in an accident or had any bad experiences.

What are your concerns with riding? This is not a “one size fits all” service as confidence affecting reasons are widely varied from rider to rider. Using targeted mindset strategy sessions your concerns are reflected upon and a confidence building program is tailored to your specific needs. The first Changing Mindset Strategy session is done off the horse, so that we can really understand what your concerns are.  Following sessions are initially with our dependable 12-year-old Clydesdale Cross Quarter Horse, Dozer. We start with tracked horse archery as it encourages you to relax and take your focus off of the horse. Other sessions include activities such as trail or beach riding (depending on the weather). Once your confidence improves, the sessions can be done with your on your own horse.


  • Package 1: “Kick Start to Confidence” – pay for 4 sessions upfront and receive the 5th session free: $640. Valued at $800.
  • $300 for a one on one day session (10 AM – 2 PM with a lunch break)
  • $160 per hour for confidence building coaching sessions. The initial mindset strategy session is off the horse (changing mindset strategy sessions can be arranged by Skype for interstate clients)

All activities are fully covered by insurance. Current First Aid and Working With Children check. All prices are GST inclusive.

You do not need any prior archery experience – just be willing to give it a go. We supply all the equipment and the trained archery horse – just bring your riding helmet and suitable horse riding gear.

Don’t let fear or anxiety hold you back from experiencing all the fantastic benefits from riding. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
You won’t look back and will finally be able to enjoy being back in the saddle again.