Horse Archery

Horse Archery

Have you ever wanted to do something a little different with your horse? There are so many different equestrian disciplines for people to choose from. Some are very well known, others not so much. Horse archery is a growing national and international equestrian sport. Historically, a number of countries used horse archery for war, hunting and protection of livestock. Just think about the Mongols, Scythians or Samurais of Japan to name a few.

Horse archery is fantastic because there are no specific age or specialised saddles required, as long as participants are safe. Removing a rider’s reliance on the reins and assisting with the development of an independent seat has excellent benefits for other equestrian pursuits as well. Plus, the positive is that we can travel to you!

We offer one-on-one individual lessons as well as group lessons, teaching both thumb release and Mediterranean release (3 fingers) shooting techniques. Those new to horse archery start with a Mediterranean release. We supply all the archery equipment for beginners. Please note that you will require your own horse unless previously arranged as well as your own helmet and riding gear. A sense of FUN is an advantage 😉


  • $300 for a one on one day session (10am – 2pm with a lunch break). This will involve both ground skills and horse archery
  • $160 per hour for one on one horse archery (with your horse or mine – to be organised prior)
  • For clinic pricing (10am – 3pm with a lunch break), there is a sliding scale per day depending on numbers: 1 person ($300), 2 people ($200 per person), 3-4 people ($180 per person). 5+ people ($145 per person).
  • For Pony Club pricing, please contacting me as I am committed to support the grassroots growth of Pony Club within Australia.

If you have a group of people interested in a clinic, we are happy to travel to you. All activities are fully covered by insurance. There may be a small surcharge payable to the venue hirer – contact me for this information. All prices are GST inclusive. Services are covered by insurance, current First Aid and Working with Children check.